Yousef Kowsar is a Research Fellow at the ARC Centre of Excellence for Automated Decision-Making and Society (ADM+S), working on the explainability of recommendation systems. His research interests are machine learning explainability and fairness, adversarial machine learning, and resource-efficient time series analysis on wearable devices.

Before joining the ADM+S Centre, Yousef worked on explainability and trust for object detection systems and machine visions at The University of Melbourne. Yousef completed his Ph.D. in 2020 on resource-efficient time series analysis for detecting and tracking human movements with application in weight training at The University of Melbourne.

In his Ph.D., Yousef built the first wearable to detect and track weight training exercises in real-time and in-place. Watch the demo of this wearable.

Yousef has over ten years of software engineering and product management experience in the industry and has a background as an elite swimmer. He enjoys sports activities, such as rock climbing and CrossFit!