Join our seminar series exploring the collaborative partnership of ADM+S and Humanitech, Australian Red Cross. This conversation series will bring insights and perspectives of leading researchers in the humanities, social and technological sciences, as well as industry and humanitarian leaders on the critical issues emerging at the intersection of humanity and increasingly intelligent technologies.


Tuesday 30 November 2021
3pm- 4pm (AEDST)
2pm- 3pm (AEST)
Online via Zoom

A conversation between Julian Thomas, Amanda Robinson and Ivana Jurko exploring the Humanitech and ADM+S partnership

Speakers: Prof Julian Thomas (ADM+S), Amanda Robinson (Australian Red Cross) and Ivana Jurko (Australian Red Cross)

Moderator: Amal Varghese (Humanitech)

An open webinar co-hosted by Humanitech and the ARC Centre of Excellence for Automated Decision Making and Society are formally launching the Technology for Society conversation series.

The first event will explore how the Humanitech and ADM+S partnership was born, how they’re working together to achieve common goals, and defining what the long-term success looks like, for both organisations.

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The Technology for Society series is brought to you by the ARC Centre of Excellence for Automated Decision-Making and Society  and Humanitech, Australia Red Cross.

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