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Kate has faced years of abuse on social media. She says it’s time platforms did something about it

Summary Leah Hawkins
Date 24 November 2021

Original Article Rosalie Gillett

Online harm has become a fact of life on many social media platforms, particularly in cases of women experiencing virulent misogyny. These spaces are largely unregulated, and instigators are able to perpetuate abuse without threat of consequence.

Dr Rosalie Gillett (Research Fellow at ADM+S and ABC Top 5 Humanities Scholar) writes about the need for more robust online regulation in an article published in the ABC. While companies such as Bumble and Twitter have taken steps to allow users to access therapy services and better curate their online experience, online platforms are still not doing enough to regulate the “Wild West” spaces of the internet.

Moderating abusive content is difficult and expensive, but these companies, with their massive resources, can focus on implementing anti-harassment measures into the building blocks of their programming, and understand how online functions by listening to the women experiencing daily abuse on their platforms.

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