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Reframing culture: Stuart Cunningham’s legacies

Author Kathy Nickels
Date 22 December 2021

In a recent essay published in Media International Australia, Professor Julian Thomas reflects on the substantial and diverse contributions of ADM+S Board member, Distinguished Professor Stuart Cunningham to ‘reframing culture’ in Australian research, policy and industry practice from early reformulations of Australian film history to his recent work on digital media disruption.

“One of Cunningham’s distinctive qualities was his interest in not only studying institutions and policies, but also in working with others to make them and shape them” writes Professor Thomas.

The essay discusses the range of Cunningham’s institutional and intellectual legacies, suggesting that his advocacy for cultural policy and the creative industries together with his leadership of major collaborative research initiatives in the humanities and social sciences have been especially important for media and cultural studies in Australia.

Further, his approach to the project of ‘reframing culture’ is likely to remain a critical task.

Read the full essay Reframing culture: Stuart Cunningham’s legacies