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Public Interest Litigation for AI Accountability

Focus Area(s): News and Media, Health, Social Services, Transport and Mobilities
Research Program(s): Institutions 

If you have been harmed by bad automated decision-making, from robots to loan assessments, what can you do to right the wrong? What can the law do to help you? A growing number of public controversies about discriminatory, unpredictable and dangerous automated decision-making has raised questions about the most effective methods of accountability.

Through qualitative interviews with stakeholders (including class action and pro bono lawyers), this project seeks to identify the opportunities, enablers and barriers for public interest litigation to promote accountability and fairness in automated decision-making.


ADM+S Chief Investigator Nic Suzor

Prof Nicolas Suzor

Lead Investigator

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Dr Zahra Stardust

Research Fellow

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Henry Fraser

Dr Henry Fraser

Research Fellow

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