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Prof Karen Yeung Guest-Edits Special Issue on Algorithmic Regulation with Dr Lena Ulbricht

Author Loren Dela Cruz
Date 9 September 2021

The ARC Centre of Excellence for Automated Decision-Making and Society’s (ADM+S) Partner Investigator Prof Karen Yeung and colleague Dr Lena Ulbricht have guest-edited a Special Issue on Algorithmic Regulation in the journal Regulation & Governance.

The primary aim of this Special Issue is to critically investigate, refine, and build upon the concept of algorithmic regulation, an analytical construct for investigating the role of algorithms as a mode of social coordination and control in concrete contexts of application. The contributions to this volume offer empirical and conceptual insight which, taken together, provide a fruitful vantage point from which to consider the concept as a vehicle for critical scholarly inquiry. While the academic interest in data and algorithms and digital transformations in society has proliferated since 2017, this Issue offers several observations about what is distinctive about the concept and how it can support critical cross-disciplinary investigation and analysis.

Regulation & Governance is a peer-reviewed journal that serves as the leading platform for the study of regulation and governance by political scientists, lawyers, sociologists, historians, criminologists, psychologists, anthropologists, economists and others. Research on regulation and governance, once fragmented across various disciplines and subject areas, has emerged at the cutting edge of paradigmatic change in the social sciences. The journal advances discussions between various disciplines about regulation and governance, promotes the development of new theoretical and empirical understanding, and serves the growing needs of practitioners for a useful academic reference.

Read the Special Issue online.