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Mapping ADM Machines in Australia and Asia-Pacific

Focus Area(s): Social Services
Research Program: Machines

This project involves adopting the (draft) taxonomy for automated decision-making (ADM) in undertaking a mapping exercise of ADM machines in Social Services in Australia. A key purpose is to test and refine the taxonomy and to provide foundational empirical and conceptual knowledge of ADM in social services beyond Europe and North America, and into the Asia-Pacific region. This mapping exercise will provide necessary baseline empirical understanding of where ADM is and how it is being used.

The approach will use a critical data studies theoretical framework to develop a countermapping of ADM systems in social services. This approach views ADM as an assemblage of data systems and decision making in social-political context, and aims to build knowledge about what ADMs are being used in government, and how they are used, and who is effected by this.


Paul Henman

Prof Paul Henman

Lead Investigator

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Dr Lyndal Sleep

Research Fellow

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