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Infrastructures, ADM and sovereign capability

Focus Area(s): News and Media
Research Program: Data

This project examines the relationship between telecommunications infrastructure and automated decision-making (ADM) as new infrastructures, such as 5G and Wi-Fi 6, support the intensification of ADM. A key focus is on the collection and distribution of data that shapes the deployment and use of ADM in Australia and China.

It also investigates how China came to be one of the dominant suppliers of critical ADM infrastructure and the strategic implications of this on supply chains and sovereign capabilities.


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Dr James Meese

Lead Investigator

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ADM+S Investigator Rowan Wilken

Assoc Prof Rowan Wilken

Chief Investigator

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ADM+S Investigator Haiqing Yu

Assoc Prof Haiqing Yu

Associate Investigator

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