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Tik Tok application on mobile phone

How TikTok could influence next year’s federal election

Author Kathy Nickels
Date 9 December 2021

TikTok is being used to reach younger voters ahead of next year’s federal election. One such account ‘Gen Z for Albo’ is run on a voluntary basis and includes content that adapts trending sounds and anti-Scott Morrison commentary and shows short clips of Liberal or National politicians stumbling during press conferences.

In contrast, a report last month found that a US-based marketing firm claiming to work for the Labor Party was offering to pay TikTok users to post anti-Scott Morrison sponsored content.

In this Triple J Hack article, Professor Dan Angus comments that “Campaigning has become dirtier, [and] there has been a rise in misinformation and disinformation in recent campaigns,” . He warns that with repeated exposure to these politically aligned TikTok videos there is a real risk of people picking up on false narratives.

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