The Centre’s four cross-centre Focus Areas – News and Media, Transport and Mobility, Health, and Social Services – help us to apply, extend and engage industry stakeholders with the work of the Research Programs in critical areas of opportunity and risk.

The Centre’s four cross-centre Focus Areas bring together our researchers to look at how automated decision-making works in four key domains – News and MediaTransport and MobilityHealth, and Social Services.

Our focus areas have been chosen because:

  • they are well-documented areas where decision-making technologies are widely used;
  • they align closely to national research priorities and agendas; and
  • they are domains where governments and communities have coordinated, regulated and pooled resources to manage and mitigate major social risks – to public health and welfare, mobility, and democracy.

The introduction of new, untested decision-making technologies in these domains creates new possibilities for success and failure in large-scale institutional systems that have been specifically designed to reduce individual and social hazards.

The Focus Areas provide material for many of the empirical investigations in the four research programs, and they ensure our research is directed towards engagement, translation and outcomes in exemplary and essential sectors. Their hallmark is close collaboration with our partner organisations and stakeholders.