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Everyday Data Cultures

Focus Area(s): All
Research Program: Data

This project explores the role of everyday data practices and literacies in automated decision-making. The project develops our new conceptual framework of everyday data cultures, which is based on the cultural studies of everyday life. The project will produce a major monograph (forthcoming with Polity Press in 2022).

To test and further elaborate this framework in real-world settings, we undertake a number of additional empirical case studies using a combination of hybrid digital and qualitative methods. The project provides a framework for integrating everyday community experience into data projects in a variety of sectors.


ADM+S Associate Director Jean Burgess

Prof Jean Burgess

Lead Investigator

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ADM+S Chief Investigator Anthony McCosker

Assoc Prof Anthony McCosker

Chief Investigator

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ADM+S Investigator Rowan Wilken

Assoc Prof Rowan Wilken

Associate Investigator

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ADM+S Investigator Kath Albury

Prof Kath Albury

Associate Investigator

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