Algorithms of Oppression

Event: Intersectionalities of Automated Decision Making and Race/Ethnicity

Author Loren Dela Cruz
Date 27 October 2021

Join us for a critical dialogue with Assoc. Prof Safiya Noble, Prof Bronwyn Carlson and Karaitiana Taiuru,  hosted by the ADM+S Centre’s Social Services Focus Area.

Automated decision making (ADM) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are rapidly expanding into all aspects of our lives and radically reshaping our experiences of ourselves as well as our relations with one another, governmental entities, and corporations. Often framed as efficient, accurate and objective, these technologies can have widely disparate impacts across populations and societies, often exacerbating pre-existing inequalities, discrimination, and disadvantage. This event is part of a series of critical engagements with the various ways ADM/AI intersect with race/ethnicity, gender/sex, class, dis/ability, and space.

Wednesday 17 November 2021
10am- 11.30am (AEDT)
Online via Zoom
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  • Assoc. Prof Safiya U. Noble is an Associate Professor of Gender Studies and African American Studies at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) where she serves as the Co-Founder and Director of the UCLA Center for Critical Internet Inquiry (C2i2). She is the author of a best-selling book on racist and sexist algorithmic bias in commercial search engines, entitled Algorithms of Oppression: How Search Engines Reinforce Racism (NYU Press 2018) and co-editor of The Intersectional Internet: Race, Sex, Culture and Class Online (Peter Lang 2016) and Emotions, Technology & Design (Elsevier 2016)
  • Prof Bronwyn Carlson is an Aboriginal woman who was born on and lives on D’harawal Country in NSW Australia and is Professor of Indigenous Studies at Macquarie University. She is also the founding and managing editor of the Journal of Global Indigeneity and the Director of The Centre for Global Indigenous Futures. Bronwyn is the author of Indigenous Digital Life: The Practice and Politics of Being Indigenous on Social Media (Palgrave 2021) and The Politics of Identity: Who Counts as Aboriginal Today? (Aboriginal Studies Press 2016), and co-editor of Indigenous People Rise Up: The Global Ascendancy of Social Media Activism (Rutgers UP 2021).
  • Karaitiana Taiuru JP is an interdisciplinary Māori academic and activist. He is an advocate and proponent for digital Māori rights, cultural appropriation, data sovereignty/digital colonialism, te reo Māori revitalisation with technology, and Māori representation and Intellectual Property Rights.