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Decentering ADM: A Review of Automated Decision-Making in the Global South

Focus Area(s): News and Media, Social Services, Health, Transport and Mobilities
Research Program: People

This project is a review of the current state of ADM implementation, practices and visions in different regions in the Global South. It includes an analysis of academic and grey literature, online resources and interviews with key stakeholders in four underrepresented regions (Latin America, Anglophone Africa, South and Southeast Asia and Pacific Island Archipelagos).

Our focus upon decentering ADM works to challenge dominant narratives of the discourse, practice and adoption of ADM across the world.


ADM+S Chief Investigator Heather Horst

Prof Heather Horst

Lead Investigator

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Edgar Gómez Cruz

Dr Edgar Gómez Cruz

Associate Investigator

Adam Sargent

Dr Adam Sargent

Associate Investigator

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Jolynna Sinanan

Dr Jolynna Sinanan

Associate Investigator

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