Campbell McNolty is Research Assistant to Professor Ellie Rennie and supports her work on automated decision-making in distributed systems and blockchain governance. Campbell is based at the ARC Centre of Excellence for Automated Decision-Making and Society’s (ADM+S) RMIT University node.

Before joining the ADM+S Centre, Campbell worked in community media, most recently as the General Manager at SYN Media in Melbourne.

Campbell completed his undergraduate studies in political science at Monash University, conducting a political study of volunteering and voluntourism in Cambodia in his honours year.

He continued with a Masters in Communication at RMIT and researched political communication and emergent digital democracy platforms. His masters thesis investigated the political affordances of Melbourne-based digital democracy initiative MiVote. He is now completing a Masters of Applied Economics and Econometrics. Campbell’s areas of research interest include participatory media, online governance and applied microeconometrics.