Brooke Coco is an anthropologist and data and data scientist with over seven years of end-to-end human-centered research and analytics experience across academia, nonprofits, and businesses. She joined the ADM+S Centre’s University of Queensland node in July 2021 as a Research Assistant contributing to the Mapping Automated Decision Making (ADM) in the Social Services in Australia research project.

Upon completion of an MA in Cultural Anthropology, Brooke undertook an intensive data science bootcamp where she learned about AI technologies, including their current usage and limitations. She experimented with various up-and-coming technologies through the completion of five end-to-end projects and debated their possible impact on human society. Brooke has continued to utilize these technologies within the private sector.

Brooke is known for her unique perspective towards data science, which utilizes qualitative human insights to contextualize and inform quantitative results. With experiences ranging from advocating for rural housing in upstate New York to collaborating with afro-descendent communities in Ecuador to visualizing data for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities in the Northern Territory, Brooke’s career goal is to leverage data to promote social and economic justice for poor, marginalized, and oppressed populations. She believes that the combination of big data and machine learning with lived experiences has the potential to redefine data science’s value not only to businesses, but also to people.