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Automated Content Regulation (disinformation and political bias)

Focus Area(s): News & Media
Research Program: Data

This project will evaluate the moderation of social media content, which has become radically more reliant on machine learning classifiers during the Covid-19 pandemic. We examine moderation at this time through two case studies, which aim to: 1. Test allegations of political bias in the removal of tweets, and 2.

Identify coordinated bot activity involved in spreading misinformation and the moderation responses of platforms.Ultimately, this project will provide new knowledge about particular case studies, import insights into trends across cases and time, and new methodological techniques for assessing automated content moderation on social media platforms.


ADM+S Chief Investigator Nic Suzor

Prof Nic Suzor

Lead Investigator

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ADM+S Associate Director Jean Burgess

Prof Jean Burgess

Chief Investigator

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ADM+S Chief Investigator Andrew Kenyon

Prof Andrew Kenyon

Chief Investigator

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ADM+S Investigator Timothy Graham

Dr Timothy Graham

Associate Investigator

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