Aitor Jiménez is a sociologist, lawyer and activist. He joined the ADM+S Centre in May 2021 as Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Data Civics, Rights and Ownership for Automated Decision-Making at the Centre’s University of Melbourne Node.

Previously, Aitor had the opportunity to work as a policy and legal analyst for progressive causes in Latin America and Europe. He has also worked as a Human Rights lawyer defending cases of leftist activists and artists.

His research interests comprise Marxist and decolonial theory, critical legal studies (including critical criminology) and tech & law.

Aitor’s research project at the centre ‘Data Metropolis’ will analyse the data governance and ADM strategies, instruments and practices of three Global North Metropolis; one in the Pacific (Melbourne), one in the Mediterranean (Barcelona) and one in the Atlantic (New York). The main aim of the project is to provide academics and lawmakers with a canvass of ideas, instruments and best practices in data governance and ADM, decanted from the experience of these three innovative metropolises.